“To Be the Best, Learn from The Best”

If you want to learn how to build your own portfolio yourself, then my personal Property Mentoring programme is designed for you.

I have spent literally years and years acquiring my knowledge – now you can have direct access my expertise and discover exactly how I became successful. I’ve also made a few mistakes – so you can avoid them!

I work very closely with my mentoring students and reveal all my own tried and tested investment strategies – those I use every day myself, building my own portfolio.

You also discover what not to do. Some strategies work, some don’t.
Some only work in certain areas. Or in certain stages of the economic cycle.

The property market is not easy at the moment. A few years ago, when the market was booming, anyone could make money. It’s not that simple today – and many people who started out doing very well, then got badly burnt, when the market changed, as they didn’t understand the trends.

There are still plenty of opportunities – I know what works best today in my specialist market, in Bristol.

It’s not just all theory either. You will learn all the essential practical skills too – my secret negotiating strategies, effective property management tools.

You will build the contacts you need – the agents, tradesmen and professionals.

Most important of all, you will discover the mindset you need for success.

Mentorship to Suit You

My mentoring programmes are always tailored to suit your current level of knowledge and expertise and what you are looking to achieve, in what timescale.

Whether you are a complete beginner in property or an experienced investor looking for extra tips and know-how, I will help you build a realistic and achieveable business plan – and turn it into reality.

I will always be there for you, to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Property mentoring is a very personal relationship. It’s essential that we work well together. It’s also time consuming and I can only take on a few people at any one time. So I will only mentor you if I am satisfied that we will work together effectively.

To discuss whether property mentoring is right for us both, please Contact Me

To Your Property Success

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Del Brown, Property Investment Expert and author of Making Money From Property – Bristol Fashion