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Welcome, I’m Del Brown – and today I’m a very successful Property Investor. I’ve transformed my life and I can help you transform yours.

Bristol SkylineI was born and educated in Bristol and believe in supporting local people and local businesses.

Without exception all of our contractors are local people and we have loyal relationships built on trust and respect.

The market is now booming, not so long ago it was falling – but either way, Property offers excellent opportunities to build wealth and security for the long term – plus additional income now, provided you know how to find the right deals and you structure them well.

To invest in property successfully, over the long term, it’s essential to use the right strategies, at the right time  – and to buy the right property, in the right place.

Please do download the free excerpts from my new book, follow my blog, connect on social media and come to our property meetings, which we run in Bristol each month!

To Your Success

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Del BrownRevealing the Power Of Successful Property Investment




I’m looking forward to meeting you at our regular PIM (Property Investment Meetings).

Join us at the Future Inn, Bristol City Centre, 6.30-9 pm, the last Thursday each month.

For top speakers, expert advice, networking and more…

*Currently our PIM meetings are cancelled due to covid-19 – we will re-start when it is safe and practical to do so.

Speakers:  to be confirmed

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