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January’s PIM saw Del Brown as Headline Speaker – Check Out The Report – also on the Property Options website

Del Brown Our latest PIM was packed, overflowing into the corridors, as both regular and new PIM goers came to hear Del Brown’s first presentation.

Del’s theme was how to achieve your business and personal goals in 2015 – and this was a great opportunity to discover just how a truly successful investor and business person does exactly that, as Del shared both his process and his own goals.

The key to success in any business is planning; you must give yourself a target, and then put a strategy in place to reach that target. As Del says

“A Goal is just a Dream with a Deadline.”

It’s essential both to set goals and to measure how you are doing, to stay on track. This applies to both longer term, 5 year goals and also the smaller month by month goals.

Del generously shared his own private key goal setting planning documents and tools – and this was an interactive session, so everyone had the chance to spend some time using these to clarify their own goals and then sharing them in a supportive environment.

“Compound your goals by writing them down.”

One of Del’s key tips is to reward yourself when you reach your goals, month by month. This may be something small or it could be more significant, but it’s all about reminding you to celebrate your achievements and truly see your progress.

One of Del’s own goals for 2015 was to start public speaking – so this evening was a great demonstration of how to achieve a key goal quickly! Del committed himself to speaking at this PIM, right at the outset of the year, in January – so he’s already achieved this goal, even though it’s an entirely new challenge for him.

As well as business goals, Del has set and key personal goals in all areas of his life, including health and fitness. In fact one of them, linked to this, is to take more holidays – we all know that like most very successful people, Del is a real workaholic! That’s partly down to his attitude and commitment of course, but also because he is totally passionate about property.

So, despite all his achievements and the hundreds of properties he has bought and sold over the years – he still wants to do more! Although he is very selective about the projects he chooses and the returns he targets. Going forward Del is planning more new builds – as he says: simply because he has always loved doing them – and he can!

During his presentation Del shared some fascinating stories about his background and his early projects. As with many successful people, Del had a tough start – he left school with no qualifications and worked as a mechanics mate and a butcher. He first became interested in property and building through a job as a carpenter – so he went to College to learn more and then worked for 10 years or so.

Del’s first property refurbishment project, in 1992, cost him £13k to buy, with £3k renovation costs (Del did the work himself – sound familiar?). He sold for £21k – a £5k profit.

Fast forward to 2015 and a similar renovation project last year cost £145k, with £25k renovation costs and sold for £210k – a £40k profit. The figures may have changed, but the project is essentially the same.

Today of course Del is involved in all forms of property investments strategies, including

  • Rent to Rent
  • Buy to Sell – Flipping
  • Buy To Let
  • JVs
  • Sourcing

“All the strategies people are teaching, I’m doing anyway.”

And of course, Mentoring, on all these strategies, is now a key part of what Del does. As he says, business can be lonely and he loves people and sharing what he does. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others achieve success and freedom through property investment, just as he has.

“I Give From the Heart”

In common with many successful business people, teamwork is top of of Del’s key strategies for success – and we all enjoyed a great video he showed, with a lovely twist on the traditional story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

If you missed out on the chance to tap into Del’s personal story and insights, do make sure you join us for our next PIM on 26 February 2015 at Holiday Inn, Bristol City Centre, BS1 3LE.

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